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lunedì 15 giugno 2009

Beware of me


The sculpture is modelled using the prosculpt clay over a strong wire armature.
She has got soft black Tibetan lamb hair stuck lock by lock, and made straight with hair tools.
She has got beautiful hand painted eyes and has got
Real Tibetan lamb eyelashes put one by one.
Her butterfly wings are realized with fimo liquid and red glitter.
The fairy is kneeling on her base, that is a lotus leaf and a flower of the same plant.

The fairy wear a dress (of my imagination) inspired by the oriental culture.
She hold a Katana in her right hand and a red fan on the other one.
I just wanted to give her a pose and an attitude of Thai Chi.
The fairy is 14 cm ( 5,52 inch) in her pose.

Beware of me won the may IADR?s month contest
Colours of the world.

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