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Welcome every one!Here you can watch my gallery of all my precedent one of a kind creations.Have a nice look!

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sabato 29 agosto 2009

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Firefly Fairy

The sculpture is made of polymer clay over a strong wire armature.
She has got brown Tibetan lamb hair.
She has got beautiful brilliant eyes made by myself and has got
Real Tibetan lamb eyelashes put one by one.
 I delicately painted her with genesis colors to recreate the natural skin color.
The fairy could be tall  about 23 cm ( 9 inch) if she were standing.
The Firefly fairy lives in her lantern.
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venerdì 28 agosto 2009

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Teal mermaid

This time is a mermaid!
The mermaid is about 6 Inch high in her position.

As a creature of the abyss, my mermaid has a twisted tail and a dorsal fin.
The pearls tail glitters like the fish one.
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